2024 Planning

“Past performance is not indicative of future results”. While this fine print is true in investing, it is not true in life. The difference is that you have more control over the variables in your own life. When you review your 2023 year in poker, you need to ask yourself these...
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Poker Coaching

We offer 1-on-1 coaching, with a focus on providing affordable value for microstakes players. We can also present on custom topics for a private group. Besides our microstakes offer, our standard rate is $65 USD per session, available as $325/5 sessions or $600/10 sessions. When...
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Get Started in the Microstakes

Are you just getting started in poker? We have an offer that covers the basics. Through 3 hours of coaching, you will receive instruction on: identify RFI targets from each position clean up preflop 3bet ranges  an overview of flop cbetting using PokerTracker4 to verify...
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Equity Calculations

Have you ever calculated your equity in a pot? What about your range vs villain's range? We can show you how to use EquiLab, FlopZilla to help study how to play better If you've never done equity calulations, we can teach you! Preflop odds, flopping draws, implied odds, and much more.

Hand History Analysis

Are you unsure of how to analyze a hand? We can show you! Are you unsure of how you played a specific hand, or even a group of similar hands, like AKo from the BB? We can show you!

PokerTracker4 Training

Do you have PokerTracker?  Why not?! Download it here for a free trial ( Are you using PT4 effectively? It has lots of capabilities: walkthoughts of how to navigate and what the basic statistics (and the in-depth ones too!) mean...
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